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CAD Developer Support & MDL Customization for MicroStation

Welcome to If you're a MicroStation user, beginner, intermediate or advanced MDL or MicroStation VBA programmer, you may find some resources here that will help you.

New! (Jan '10) - you will now have open access to free downloadable MDL & VBA applications! Tools like LinkMan, which is a compact GIS-like tool for database-linked graphics, and SheetIndex, which is a fast and easy drawing management system!

latest download updates
  • SlopeLabel (V8i) - Sep 12/12
  • AddText w/ source code (J/V8) - July 31/08
  • PlaceBreakLine w/ source code (J/V8) - July 31/08
  • FilterText w/ source code (J/V8) - July 15/08

Tips & Tricks

A good way to set up your multi-user workspaces is to place them on a central server, and then put the following line into your <Bentley_install_dir>Workspace\Standards\standards.cfg file:....
Free MDL Tools
The featured application this month is called LinkMan, and I've had this tool for quite some time. I've given it to a few people that use MicroStation with a linked database and it's been very popular, almost to the point that they get panicky if it's not available.... more...
Multiple-Action Keyins
This feature has been documented over the years but it's still well worth doing a brief review on. MicroStation recognizes keyed-in commands, obviously, but it can also recognize a series of keyins entered in a single string with each keyin separated from the next by a ';' (semicolon)....